where is zeroten?

st. andrews, uk
last updated: 2023-10-18


currently studying for a masters degree. am i actually learning anything?

This page was purposely spartan for a long time. You can view the old look here. I am purposely going for a Web 1.0 look; the kind that I used to make back in the GeoCities days. My very first website, in the EnchantedForest neighborhood (for kids! Because I was 11!), is long gone and was skipped by the archivers. That's what you get when you hand your digital life over to the wall gardens of your corporate overlords. The modern internet is an even more lame-ass internet (sorry, kids) where everything is increasingly wall-gardened and owned by now-billionaire corporate overlord$. This site is my rage against the dying of the light. Okay, sorry; that's all for now. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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